On-line Basque literature

Classic literature


Depository of Basque Texts. Website managed by the University of the Basque Country. It gathers Basque classic texts.


Works of the Basque press managed by the publishing house Susa where you can read journals published from the 19th century to 1936.


Depository of Classic Works. Website managed by the publishing house Susa. It offers the opportunity to read on the web some of the works by Basque classic writers, as well as other classic texts.


Classics of thought. This project aims to publicise the most important works of universal thought translated into Basque. You can read online works by Noam Chomsky, Miguel de Unamuno, Seneca, George Berkeley, Friedrich Nietzsche and others.

Contemporary Basque literature


Web page managed by the publishing house Susa. It gives access to different sections where you can read news about literature, book reviews etc.:

Literaturaren zubitegia : Information about Basque writers.

Klasikoen gordailua : Depository of Basque classic texts.

Euskal poesiaren ataria : The Gate of Basque Poetry, where you can read some of the poems written by different Basque writers both in Basque and in other languages such as Spanish, French, English and German.

Bertso eta olerkien hemeroteka : Depository of verses and poems. This web page is based on the book Euskal bertso eta olerkien bibliografia [Bibliography of Basque verses and poems], by Julen Urkiza.

Ibinagabeitia proiektua : Depository of Basque literary journals.

Kritiken hemeroteka : This website contains a series of reviews made about Basque works, both about books written originally in Basque and about translations into Basque.

Euskal prentsaren lanak : Journals published before the Spanish civil war of 1936.

Literatur emailuak : Electronic news that announces books publications and other literary activities.

Intza proiektua : Basque idioms online.

Zaldi Ero idazleekin : Pictures of Basque writers.

Teatro testuak : This website offers the opportunity to read some theatre texts written in Basque or translated into Basque, as well as theatre plays for children, short stories, monologues etc.

Bihotz bakartien kluba : Lonely Hearts Club. An initiative to promote the reading of literary works.


This is a website managed by the Municipal Patronage for Basque of San Sebastian, where there are available several texts by different writers from San Sebastian, both classic and modern.

JALGI HADI - Olerkiak

Works by several Basque poets.


This website offers different texts written originally in Basque, as well as translated into Basque by Xabier Galarreta. There is also the possibility of reading literatures from other countries in different languages.


Data base about literature that offers the opportunity to read online literary texts in more than a hundred languages, Basque among them.